Alice's Period Makeover
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Alice's Period Makeover

by Guest Blogger
Alice's Period Makeover
Name: Alice

Age: 21

How did you hear about reusable menstrual products?
I saw them in store and I was curious.

Please describe your monthly needs:
My period almost always comes at night.  It is an average flow and I experience continuous cramping for the first three days.

If you are currently using disposable products, which ones do you use, and for what needs?
Regular pads and liners. I used to use tampons but found them uncomfortable and itchy.

If you are currently using reusable products, which ones do you use, and for what needs?
No, but I’m dying to try!

Why do you want to switch to reusable menstrual products?
I want to lessen my impact on earth. I also get rashes from that synthetic material.  I don’t know, it’s like plastic or something, and the sticky things rub my skin.  It’s just not a comfortable time of the month.  I am very active and with that stuff rubbing my skin I would rather not move. Lunapads sound soft and wearable.

Anything else you would like to share about yourself?
I do yoga and frequently exercise.

Based on your own experience, what message do you have for others who might be thinking about reusable menstrual products?
Think about your vagina!

Our recommendations for active Alice, who has had enough with disposables!

We're so stoked on Alice’s curiosity and enthusiasm upon discovering reusable menstrual products!  It truly is the younger generation who will prioritize restoring balance to the planet, truly honouring our bodies and ourselves.  Awesome!

Alice has an average flow and typically uses disposable pads and pantiliners, because tampons are especially uncomfortable and itchy. We're curious to know if she would feel differently about The DivaCup, also an internal menstrual product - but unlike tampons, it collects menstrual fluid in a silicone cup, having no drying effects like tampons. We think it would be a great option for her active lifestyle and yoga practice.

Her period also starts at night, so in those preparation days, she might want to consider sleeping in Luna Undies or wearing a Lunapads Liner to bed. Both are super soft and comfortable and would not impede movement or be a hassle (did we mention one of the best benefits of cloth besides your body and the environment is none of that crinkly sound?).

For Alice to start, we suggest grabbing a DivaCup Kit with Pantyliners of her choice. She could grab a few more Pantyliners to last her entire cycle too, if needed. To support her in the transition to reusables and her active lifestyle, we would also suggest a Cloth Pad Carry Bag for on the go, like the Colibri Grab & Go or our new Planet Wise Bags.

Thanks so much for your willingness to make the switch, Alice. We all wish you a warm welcome to the world of reusable menstrual products!

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