Building Brighter Futures at the Pader Girls Academy
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Building Brighter Futures at the Pader Girls Academy

by Lisa F.
Building Brighter Futures at the Pader Girls Academy

We're thrilled to announce that, for the 2nd year in a row, Diva International has pledged to participate in our One4Her Program with a donation of AFRIpads for every DivaCup sold during May at With your support, up to 500 Kits will be distributed at the Pader Girls Academy in Northern Uganda!


The Pader Girls Academy (PGA) was founded in 2008 to support those struggling to reintegrate into their communities after being abducted and forced into marriage & pregnancy during Uganda’s 25-year civil war. Today, PGA also provides vital educational opportunities to those who have aged out of their grade level or who lack financial resources as a result of the ongoing conflict - and it remains the only school in the region that allows students to attend while pregnant, and to keep their babies with them while continuing their studies.

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Although students at PGA have received academic scholarships, many still lack basic everyday necessities. They have overcome incredible challenges, but their life chances continue to be restricted by limited access to safe and effective menstrual products. Many resort to using rags or old t-shirts, or just stay home to avoid embarrassment when these unreliable solutions fail to provide the protection they need.

Here's a followup email we received after last year's donation:

“Last year, your sanitary support to the girls enabled us to excel in the national examination breaking all the previous years records and emerging the best among girls in the district and second best in the entire district. Our best student was a mother who gave birth 2 weeks to the national examination but won in the entire district. Because the pads were available, she had ample time to resume studies early because she would wear the pads and attend classes during the postpartum period. The pads allowed more girls to stay in class as menses never obstructed any further classroom. Thanks to you Helen and DIVAs for this support.”

— Olak Denis Ongaya, PGA Program Director


Help us tell this story. Share this post or the messages below with your friends & family. Buy a DivaCup! Every DivaCup purchased at this month will help the students at Pader Girls Academy achieve their education goals by empowering them to stay in class & focus on their studies -- without worry that their periods will hold them back from reaching their full potential.

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  • has partnered with @The DivaCup this month to bring 500 @AFRIpads kits to girls in East Africa. Join me in supporting the #Diva500 initiative!
  • For Menstrual Hygiene Month, Diva International will donate an @AFRIpads Kit to girls in East Africa for every DivaCup purchased at Help them reach their goal of #Diva500.
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