5 Reasons We ♥ The DivaCup
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5 Reasons We ♥ The DivaCup

by Morgan MW
5 Reasons We ♥ The DivaCup

Question: Say you've got an extra $40 to spend this month, what do you do with it? Take your special person to a movie? Take yourself out to dinner?

Answer: Get a DivaCup!

$39.99 doesn't buy much these days but what it can buy is 1 (or more) years of more comfortable, less worrisome, just-plain-better periods. In case you aren't already well versed in the benefits of the cup, here's 5 reasons why we ♥ our DivaCups.


Since The DivaCup collects your flow, instead of absorbing, it can be used for periods of all kinds; heavy, light, undecided, it don't matter! With tampons there's always the risk of TSS and choosing the right absorbency for your flow is a big consideration. Not so with The DivaCup. It's the only one you'll ever need. DIVA 4EVA!


In case you weren't already aware; your vagina is a tomato. These are some sensitive tissues we're talking about -hell, it's a veritable botanical garden up in there - the last thing I want to add to that mix is a bunch of scratchy rayon fibers and god-knows-what else, messing with my pH levels. Not to mention that when the tampon is removed, it might not ALL come out. Give me the smooth, flexible, inert material of the cup any day. The DivaCup can't be felt once inserted and it doesn't dry you out the way tampons tend to. It just quietly catches your flow, leaving all your vaginal friendlies to do their important lubricating, pH-balancing work.


This baby is made from 100% biocompatible, healthcare-grade silicone. The DivaCup will last for 1 year at least, and with proper care and cleaning for many more. Plus, if your period is more of a torrential downpour, worry not - the cup can take it since it holds up to a full fluid ounce, around twice as much as the highest absorbency tampon.


Who loves late night runs to the drugstore because you ran out of tampons? Who loves having to canvas the room asking for a spare, cause your period arrived unexpectedly. No one, that's who! Free yourself from the tyranny of the tamp! Stop paying a monthly rent on your own body! If you've got a DivaCup, you'll never run out and you'll never need to beg or borrow for a spare.


I have a pretty light period, which means I get to leave my DivaCup in for the full 12 hours. That's less time spent futzing around in the bathroom and more time spent on important things, like eating pizza and binge-watching an entire season of Downton Abbey in one sitting. Clearly I have my priorities in order.

So there you have it, folks. This list could probably be 10 reasons, or 100 reasons but I thought I'd leave it up to all the other expert DivaCup users out there. So how 'bout it, gentle reader? Why do you ♥ your DivaCup?

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