Earth Saving Tips from the Lunapads Crew
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Earth Saving Tips from the Lunapads Crew

by Morgan MW
Earth Saving Tips from the Lunapads Crew
Happy Earth Day, Team Lunapads! We hope you take some time out today to enjoy our beautiful planet, and remind yourself why it's so important to do everything we can to protect the environment - for ourselves and for future generations.

Using Lunapads or other reusable menstrual products is just one small act that helps keep thousands of pounds of non-biodegradable waste out of landfills every month. In fact Lunapads users are personally responsible for diverting over 1 million disposable pads, tampons and pantyliners from landfills each month.

There are so many other small things that you can do everyday to make a difference. Here are some of our favourites:

"Composting and recycling are my biggest eco-obsessions. So much so that if you ever invite me to your house, I will probably root around in your trash can and judge you by its contents. I'm lucky to live in an apartment with a yard and have kept 2 composters going for the past 8 years so all 12 units in my building (and the Lunapads office!) can recycle their food waste. Recently the city of Vancouver has introduced a curbside composting program and banned all food waste from landfills. Now I have a place to send all those extra bits that can't go in my garden compost! I am unreasonably excited about this. Probably the best thing about composting is that you don't need to use plastic garbage bags anymore. Since all the wet, smelly stuff goes into the compost bin, your garbage is mostly dry packaging (ugh). Now I just have a trash bin with a removable liner that I take out to the dumpster to tip everything out. It's freaking great. If you have food scrap recycling where you live, I highly suggest you reconsider your garbage bag habit." -Morgan

"In addition to being diligent about food composting at work and home (and being incredibly grateful at how my garbage never smells bad anymore), I'm the super-eco mom for my kids lunches. There is almost never any plastic or garbage in their lunch as I use reusable stainless steel containers for all their food (and refuse to buy juice boxes and prepackaged snacks from the grocery stores. For a while, my kids begged for these "convenience" foods and complained about how they couldn't just throw their garbage away like their friends, but now that the school has adopted a litterless lunch program, they are eco-leaders in their class!" -Suzanne

"My husband, my two teenagers and I are all vegan, and have been since our eldest was only a year old. A lot of people are shocked to learn that animal agriculture is estimated to be responsible for at least 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions on earth - more than all transportation across the world combined - not to mention the amount of water used and waste produced in getting meat, milk and eggs to consumers. It is easier to be vegan now than it ever has been before, with a plethora of cook books, food blogs, and more and more choices available at mainstream supermarkets; so much so that I have almost forgotten what it was like to have to make my own almond milk three times a week. We are vegan because we believe that animals exist for their own reasons, but lessening our environmental impact by abstaining from animal products is a wonderful side-effect." -Christa

"Air-drying clothes. OK, so I only really do this for about half the year (Vancouver is super-rainy!), however it saves a ton of emissions from dryers, is a great chore for kids, and the drying structure can double as a play structure for kids if you have them." -Madeleine

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