A Juicy Life is a Good Life
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A Juicy Life is a Good Life

by Lunapads Team
A Juicy Life is a Good Life

What do you do if you find yourself in a loving relationship with someone but something just feels.. off. Maybe you think you're the only one struggling, and don't know what to do or where to turn. I had the fantastic opportunity recently to speak with Jane Langton of A Juicy Life. Jane had an interest in Lunapads and is now showing them off, shouting out to others about washable options for menstrual care! Jane was also kind enough to do an interview with me and share some tips.

What is your role as a sexual health educator and what are your qualifications?
My goal is to educate couples, especially those in the boomer years, so they can make informed choices about pleasure and especially safer sex. I have a background in healthcare - and in addition to that, I returned to school and completed Clinical Hypnotherapy at Coastal Academy and then went on to specialize in sexual health and completed the Certified Sexual Health Education program offered at Options For Sexual Health. The program is the only one of its kind offered in Canada. I am a graduate of one of its first classes.

Tell me about A Juicy Life!
I've always been comfortable talking about sexual health and have been in some capacity for at least 25 years.

To normalize the conversation of sex at any age, provide information about products for pleasure, sexual health, and health below the waist, and to promote safer sex.

I specialize in baby boomers, as we're going through the most changes especially when there are children at home who are going through puberty too! It’s like the whole family is swinging from the chandeliers! Although, the information I provide is relevant for adults of any age. Safer sex is important at any age.

Services & Products:
I offer private sessions, small group facilitation and customized workshops. I also provide information about products for pleasure, sexual health, health below the waist and safer sex and now have my online Boutique available to browse. Some of the products that are really important to me - that give people with periods better options - are all the beautiful and eco friendly options by Lunapads. I also love and highly recommend a little known and usually kept secret, the Female Condom.

I love what I do and my clients love how they feel comfortable discussing anything with me. They really appreciate the support and product information I provide them. They tell me how grateful they are all the time, which is why I love what I do so much it gives me goosebumps and I feel so fortunate to be able to contribute the way I do!

Is it common to have changes in sexual desire as we age?
Our sexuality is a journey. Some say it’s a roller coaster! At times it can be. Whether we are young or young at heart, 19 or 90, solo or partnered, many people are sexual in some capacity. It looks very different of course when we are younger than when we reach our senior years. But for many it gets better. We survive our child rearing years and can finally take care of ourselves again. Although our bodies don’t always work as we want them to but if we have the patience to discover what pleasures are available, how our needs and desires have changed, and pay attention to what ignites us in our boomer and senior years, it can be the best time of our lives.

In regards to sex toys do you have tips or recommendations?
One of the most important tips is to make sure you ASK QUESTIONS. Are the toys safe, and are they right for you? Each person has different needs, so it’s difficult to know how one item differs from the next without having a frank discussion with someone knowledgeable. One toy that is the most popular according to the clerk may not be right for you. Speak up, they have often heard most questions and love to hear your preferences. If you don’t know, ask them to recommend something easier to navigate with to begin with. You can always go back for more!

Be sure that the products are safe, too. Many are now made of medical grade materials as there are a lot of novelty items for sale that are not necessarily safe to use. One service that I provide is to sit down with my clients and discuss their needs and often their partner’s needs. We will talk about what products, if any, that they have tried and what their experience was like and go from there. Then we will choose something that is right for them. I will then discreetly deliver the items to them if they are in the city and follow up with them for their feedback. It is really important that my clients are satisfied with their purchase and many return to me for all of their purchases. I also get referrals a lot from satisfied clients! That is the biggest compliment I can receive and I’m grateful!

Speaking of referrals, I highly recommend Jane to anyone seeking someone to talk to about sexual health issues. After one session I was inspired, filled with hope, had tools to help and had some suggestions to take home on how to overcome obstacles. Having this open discussion with Jane also made me aware of the types of plastics that are in some sex toys, and that these are not recommended. To learn more about choosing a "green" sex toy, check out: Eco & Body Positive Sex Toys.

Thanks Jane! Don’t wait to seek help. Life is precious; make yours A Juicy One!

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