Could This Be The Last One?
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Could This Be The Last One?

by Guest Blogger
Could This Be The Last One?

It is a really interesting place in my life that I find myself in. I'm in my mid forties and fully experiencing the “signs” of menopause. I'm taking them in stride and, so far, it's not so bad. Kinda interesting what the body can do.

Remember being a teenager? Ever want to go back?

Well, some parts of menopause do make you feel like a teenager, just not necessarily the good parts! But it does make me ponder every period - are you the last one? How will it feel to no longer have my period? I will truly no longer be “fertile”. I've had my tubes tied for years so technically I've been unable to have children for a long time - but this is really, really the end!

I started my period at the very young age of 8. My first period memories are of being reassured I was not going to die, and a trip to our doctor who inserted a tampon in me and told me to walk around. I promptly fainted on the floor.

My mom remembers “Mrs O’Mara could you please come in the exam room” and seeing me passed out on the ground. Not the ideal period introduction! Luckily this kind of introduction is becoming less common.

You would think after all those years I would be looking forward to the end. But I am not. I am feeling kind of sad. As a result, I am cherishing every period I have. My kids are growing up, one has left the nest.. maybe that is a part of the melancholy often associated with menopause?

On the upside, I am getting to use more Lunapads Liners! How about you?

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