I Met My Hero: Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Magazine
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I Met My Hero: Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Magazine

by Alysha S.
I Met My Hero: Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Magazine

Tavi Gevinson by Erica Parrott 

A few weekends ago, I met my personal hero: Tavi Gevinson. Blogger, actor, style icon, feminist, model, singer, and founding editor‐in‐chief of RookieMag.com — the ultimate media source aimed at teen girls that reaches much further than the target audience.

Alongside my introduction to feminism, I found Rookie in the fall of 2011. This was also the start of my last year of high school in a particularly benighted small town. Two years later, I remain an avid fan‐girl of what is surely the blueprint of a new era of feminism: one that chooses to be a drawing board rather than a rulebook.  In the past month alone, Rookie’s posts range from dealing with bullying to DIY pet photo shoots.

Whilst perusing its pages one day, I first stumbled upon Lunapads! First seen in this Just Wondering column in 2012,  I was convinced to try The DivaCup for the first time — I’ve been loving it ever since. This same article links fellow Rookie readers to Lunapads.com, and recommends Luna Undies to the inquiring girl who may fear tampons and overnight leakage.

Best of all: using a reusable cup like this is good for the environment, and keeps money out of the big, male-run corporations that sell women tampons—corporations that put bleach in tampons, and advertisers that tell us our natural vaginas are disgusting and need to be scented with “deodorizers.”  Read Just Wondering at RookieMag.com

With three posts every weekday and daily posts on weekends, I can hardly keep up with the endless amounts of amazing Rookie content constantly coming my way. This brings me to the manifestation of Rookie’s second annual accomplishment: Rookie Yearbook Two! Compiling the past ten months of incredible content — adding some loot such as cootie catchers, DIY shrines, and stickers galore — I was a sucker for this anthology, and pulled every string I could to get to the book launch in Seattle.

I took the train down with my partner and his sister and we spent hours planning our outfits.  The event took place at the Vera Project and was hosted by Short Run.  The first to arrive, we waited for two hours before heading inside for a reading, signing, and zine‐making workshop!  All that time spent outside paid off, because Tavi herself sat right next to me! We chatted for nearly 45 minutes while making zines.  Mine was titled “I left my DivaCup at home,” (check it out here) inspired by true events just the day before.

Not only did I meet Tavi Gevinson, whom I’ve been looking up to for years — I also got the chance to meet two other amazing Rookie writers: Danielle Henderson, founder of Feminist Ryan Gosling and writer at Vulture; and Stephanie Kuehnert, author of I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone. All three women were a joy to get to know and laugh with, and left many words of wisdom in my copy of Yearbook Two.

If you haven’t yet been introduced to Rookie, here are some of my favourite pieces: on why being a suffering artist doesn’t always work, the most necessary DIY possibly ever , the importance of boredom , some extremely pretty things, and everything I ever needed to know about my period.

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