Scent-Free, Chemical-Free and Sustainable
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Scent-Free, Chemical-Free and Sustainable

by Guest Blogger
Scent-Free, Chemical-Free and Sustainable

Our most recent guest post was written by Katie, who has severe multiple chemical sensitivities and mast cell activation syndrome. Katie is unable to use traditional disposable menstrual products because the fragrances, dyes, and plastics they contain make her feel very ill. She contacted us in April to learn more about our products and their suitability for someone with MCS and a fixed income. We're so happy to report that Lunapads are working wonderfully for her. Thanks for sharing your story, Katie! 

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Lunapads while searching the internet for affordable, scent-free options to meet my menstrual needs. As someone with severe allergies to fragrances, it's been very difficult for me to find affordable fragrance-free products that won't make me sick. When I realized that the only truly scent-free products I could find were available at natural food stores for outrageous prices, I started to look into other options. It's hard enough to be allergic to so many things. With the added expense of scent-free/chemical-free shampoo, conditioner, detergents, food, etc, anything I can do to cut costs so I can afford to buy other things I really need is essential.

Lunapads offers an economical, scent-free, chemical-free, and sustainable product that I can count on. With disposables, I have no choice but to pay high prices for scent-free products. But with Lunapads, I can use and reuse the same washable cloth pads each month. I also feel like I am doing a huge service by not adding to the garbage and water filtration plants with countless pads and tampons.

The functionality of the pads and inserts is quite practical and absorbent. I was able to use 4 pads with 8 inserts in one cycle. I can use those same pads and inserts every month for the next year and save at least 20-30$ / month on scent-free pads and tampons.

Lunapads are cute and fun! The colorful prints and patterns make having your period that much more tolerable and something to not feel ashamed and dirty about.

I was worried that washing Lunapads would be time consuming and difficult but I bought a special soap to soak the pads in to take out the stains and “Voila, no stains!” I rinse them out, hang to dry, and they're ready for the next month!

We use washable diapers for babies and yet we don’t think to do the same thing for menstrual cycles, incontinence, or diapers for adults. But it makes a lot of sense to do so both for the long term savings and ecologically friendly aspects.

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