Viva Las Vegas!
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Viva Las Vegas!

by Madeleine Shaw
Viva Las Vegas!

I recently attended the ABC Kids trade show in Las Vegas and had a fantastic time. I know that Vegas isn't everyone's cup of tea (and to be honest, I wasn't sure it was going to be mine), but I made so many great discoveries and connected with so many fabulous people that the craziness didn't bother me a bit and I am already looking forward to going back next year.

In case you're planning a Vegas adventure, a few tips for you: the Springs Preserve is (literally) an oasis of sanity. Encompassing hiking trails, a botanical garden, historical site, desert education center and wonderful restaurant, it was a great way to start our trip and remind us of the desert's history and ecology.  While we were there we had the good fortune to attend a yoga class, which led us to an eclectic yoga studio (it doubles as an art gallery) near our hotel where we were able to attend more classes. The studio is housed in a fascinating rabbit warren of art studios and galleries, next door to an awesome vintage and vintage-style clothing store. Thanks Corey and Shelley for the workouts!

As for the show, I am always impressed by the tenacity and ingenuity of entrepreneurs, and there was no shortage of them to spend time with there. There was a strong Vancouver contingent, and I loved having the opportunity to spend time with former fashionista days colleague turned Mompreneur Wendy from Pumpease (a hands-free pumping support she invented), Diane from Moboleez (an ingenious baby hat/nursing privacy accessory), and Sandy from LeDuck distributors.  Other esteemed colleagues I connected with included Rachel, Jeff, Jenn and Amy from Bumgenius cloth diapers, Kim from GDiapers, Sarah from the online natural parenting resource Mindful Mama, and superstar Mom bloggers Sommer from Green and Clean Mom and Jennifer from the Smart Mama.  Thanks for the cupcakes, Mommy needs a cocktail (home of the best Twitter line of the show: "Abusing hashtags since 1996")!



Hard to believe you can pack even more into a mere 4 days, but I also found time for a highly "wow" tour of (let's just say that I'm no longer worried about having a messy desk!), a gorgeous Cirque du Soleil show, and quality girlfriend time with one of my all-time BFFs - woo hoo!

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