Our Green Travel Tips
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Our Green Travel Tips

by Lunapads Team
Our Green Travel Tips

With Madeleine and Suzanne's trip to Portland this week for the World Domination Summit, travel and adventure are naturally on our minds. We've been meaning to write an updated post about the whats, hows, and benefits of traveling with our products - and this seems like a great opportunity to do just that.

Who wants to waste valuable luggage space on boxes of disposable pads and tampons, or risk running out where supplies may not be available? Read on for our top tips for easy, waste-free ways to manage your period while traveling, with bonus video from Suzanne about how to clean your DivaCup while you're on the road.

  • Do the Diva! The DivaCup is far and away your best bet in terms of versatility and low hassle factor. It weighs practically nothing, is easy to clean and transport, and is virtually zero waste. Very popular with Peace Corps volunteers. Added bonus: it's amazing for sports, swimming and hiking!
  • P in Style. Don't like having to hover over not-so-sparkling facilities? Get your groove on with the pStyle: it's light, easy to clean and transport, plus comes in tons of fun colors!
  • Take it on the road. We offer a great variety of ways to transport your supplies, from Planet Wise Bags to Colibri's Grab & Go Clutch.
  • You can't have too many Mesh Bags! Typically used to separate Lunapads from other laundry, mesh bags are also great for holding socks and undies, shoes or not-so-clean laundry when traveling. LOVE these.
  • Wysi-Wipes. With the addition of a few drops of water, these tiny, weightless, biodegradable wipes are incredible for cleaning practically anything, including your DivaCup and pStyle.
  • Peri bottle. A small, lightweight plastic bottle that is a super handy tool for cleaning your DivaCup or washing your hands.
  • Organic Cotton Hankies. Admittedly I am an everyday addict of these products, but they also have a well-deserved place on the travel necessities list. I love how they replace disposable facial tissue and paper towels, and are the prettiest thing I've ever seen to blow your nose or wipe away a tear.

Who has travel period stories or tips? Share yours for a chance to win a Travel Kit including a Peri Bottle, Wysi Wipes and Travel Pouch. The winner's name will be drawn Tuesday. Good luck, everyone!

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