Our Green Travel Tips
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Our Green Travel Tips

by Lunapads Team
Our Green Travel Tips

Who wants to waste valuable luggage space on boxes of disposable pads and tampons, or risk running out where supplies may not be available? Read on for our top tips for easy, waste-free ways to manage your period while traveling.

Try A Menstrual Cup

The Aisle Cup is far and away your best bet in terms of versatility and low hassle factor when travelling in your period. It takes up minimal space, is easy to clean and transport, and it's truly a leave-no-trace, zero waste all-star. Not only will it have you covered for long plane rides or road trips, it's also an amazing option for swimming, hiking, camping and any other activity you might find yourself doing.

Wash & Wear Period Undies

Period Underwear can be a great space-saving hack since they do so much more than your regular everyday undies. Our quick-drying BASE period underwear styles feature a lightweight, quick-wicking mesh body fabric to keep you cool and comfortable, while the leakproof panel provides up to 4 tampons worth of absorbency. With front-to-back leak protection they can even be worn overnight or during high impact activities. A quick hand wash while you're in the shower, and overnight dry will freshen them up for the next wear.

A Wardrobe Staple

On a long trip, every garment you pack needs to pull its weight in terms of versatility. There's no room for anything but wardrobe MVPs! Our double-layered, reversible Lounge Top can be worn night or day - as a base layer, a breezy summer crop, or as sleepwear. With a crew neck on one side and a scoop on the other, it can be styled so many ways, you'll surely be reaching for it often.

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