Our tech

Aisle underwear

All Aisle period underwear are made with a multi-layered leak proof lining, featuring Truetex™ fabric technology. They'll absorb at least 4 tampons' worth of menstrual fluid, making them a reliable, zero-waste replacement for disposable pads & tampons.

Quick-wicking mesh top layer

Super absorbent Truetex™ core

Breathable leak proof membrane

BOOST Undies

Each pair of Aisle BOOST underwear comes with a removable absorbency booster that adds an extra 4 tampons of absorbency. Just tuck the ends of the booster into the pockets at either end of the gusset panel. The pockets are bonded with a silicone free anti-slip tape to help secure the booster in place.

Aisle pads

Aisle pads represent years of fabric research and testing. The result - a cloth pad that feels just like your most comfortable pair of underwear, but can hold up to even your heaviest days.

A breeze to use, simple to wash and easy to love. Aisle pads are 8x as as absorbent as the average disposable pad, and about 100x more comfortable.

TransDRY® technical cotton top layer

Super-absorbent polyester core

Edge-to-edge leak protection

Keeping the balance

Each one of the materials used in our products is carefully developed to provide superior performance, while maintaining sustainability and comfort. It’s a fine balance, but we think we’ve cracked the code to provide products that really work, without harming the planet.

Our materials


Tencel™ is a fibre harvested from sustainably sourced, renewable wood sources. Using a closed loop production process, wood pulp is transformed into soft, silky yarns. The end result is a fabric that is biodegradeable, has high breathability, is less susceptible to odour-causing bacterial growth, and absorbs 50% more than cotton.

This closed-loop process recycles water used and reuses solvents at a recovery rate of more than 99%.

This fibre is certified by:

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100


Truetex is a blend of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibres which creates an inherently wicking and absorbent material at the yarn level, that you would not achieve with a singular fibre type. This intimate blend ensures performance without the need for added chemical finishes. This means that performance does not decrease with multiple washes. Truetex is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified, ensuring that no harmful chemicals are used in dyeing and finishing.

This fibre is certified by:

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Recycled Polyester

Plastic waste is a massive environmental issue. It’s said that every piece of plastic ever manufactured still exists to this day. While plastic does eventually degrade, it ends up breaking down into microparticles that are easily swallowed by wildlife, ending up in our food chain and eventually our own bodies.

Polyester is a super durable, versatile fiber that can create super absorbent fabrics that are perfect for periods - it’s also made from plastic. Luckily, since we have such a big plastic waste problem, we already have all the resources needed to create polyester without making any new plastic.

Our recycled polyester is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified, ensuring that only post consumer plastic materials are used, which means that our products are actually helping to remove plastic waste from landfills.

This fibre is certified by:

  • Control Union, under the GRS (Global Recycled Standard)
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic insecticides, pesticides, or fertilizers. Eliminating exposure to these chemicals has a significant impact on the earth and the health of farm workers and their families. Organic farming techniques preserve topsoil and prevent water pollution from pesticide run-off.

This fibre is certified by:

  • Control Union, under the OCS (Organic Content Standard)
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100

TransDRY® Technical Cotton

Our performance cotton is made from a blend of water-repellent and absorbent yarns which creates a quick-wicking material that draws fluid away from your body. This fabric dries 50% faster than standard cotton and moves fluid more efficiently than synthetic fabrics.

The cotton used in this specially engineered technical material is grown and spun in the USA, then knit and dyed in Montreal, Canada.

This fibre is certified by:

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Absorbency is important, but in order for a menstrual product to be effective, it has to be leak proof. We use a PTFE-free thermoplastic polyurethane membrane to ensure that our products will provide the reliability you expect. Our TPU has a 10k/10K rating, which means it can stand up to heavy flow, while also maintaining breathability.

This fibre is certified by:

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Other materials

POM snaps - We chose our snaps for durability, accessibility and ease of use. Metal snaps can react with cleaning products, causing fabric damage and the potential for rust, so we opted for POM snaps that are lab tested to be free from harmful substances.

Virgin Polyester - Our pads still use virgin polyester in the absorbent core - for now. We are in the process of finding a reputable supplier and hope to make the change over to recycled polyester soon.

Lab tested

Lab tested

When it comes to putting our claims to the test, we mean business. Aisle products are independently lab tested to meet our high standards for absorbency, leak protection & chemical safety.

Aisle period underwear holds between 4-8 tampons* of fluid

Aisle reusable pads absorb 8-14 tampons* worth of fluid

Aisle undies & pads are tested to verify that there are no detectable levels of PFAS**

*Absorbency is measured based on the industry standard junior tampon. **Based on a detectable limit of 1 part per million

Manufacturing partners


Aisle underwear are manufactured in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We work with a state of the art facility that uses technology unavailable to us in Vancouver, to create products that work better than any other options (reusable or disposable) on the market. The factory we work with specializes in technological innovation in the high performance sports sector.

  • It’s woman owned and operated
  • Employees receive a comprehensive pension plan
  • Employees are provided free hot lunch everyday
  • New mothers receive 6 months paid maternity leave
  • There is a wastewater treatment facility on site, to ensure the water the factory uses in manufacturing is clean and safe before leaving the facility


Our pads have always been, and continue to be, ethically manufactured right here in Vancouver, Canada. This means when you buy from Aisle, you aren’t just buying a product - you're also supporting our values of dignity and fair treatment for all. We have worked with the same local manufacturing partner for over 20 years now. This factory is special to us because:

  • It's woman owned and operated
  • They're located just minutes away from our office, allowing our production team to frequently visit, creating efficiency and consistency
  • Their core values of teamwork and problem solving allow for a relational approach to our supply chain
  • We believe in supporting the local manufacturing sector in the city that made us who we are