Continuing the Menstruation Conversation with Maji Safi Group & One4Her
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Continuing the Menstruation Conversation with Maji Safi Group & One4Her

by Morgan MW
Continuing the Menstruation Conversation with Maji Safi Group & One4Her

We were first contacted by Maji Safi Group in 2013. As a health promotion and disease prevention educational organization based in a rural Tanzania, Maji Safi Group (MSG) runs programs that give community members culturally sensitive and safe ways to change water, sanitation and hygiene behaviors.

MSG identified the need for a sustainable menstrual hygiene solution when their Community Water Workers discovered a serious lack of sanitary materials, receptacles for waste, and information on puberty and menstruation. Lunapads was able to provide a donation of 250 AFRIpads kits through One4Her, to support the organization's fledgling Menstrual Hygiene Program.

Since then MSG has continued to keep Menstrual Health Management (MHM) as a top priority. Their MHM Program has expended to reach their entire district and they now broadcast a disease prevention and health promotion radio show to over 3,500 listeners, often focusing on the importance of using menstrual products like AFRIpads.

Supporting Menstrual Health in Africa

This year, MSG held an International Women's Day celebration to supply AFRIpads Kits - again supplied through One4Her - to their hygiene program participants. In addition to receiving washable pads, students were given vital menstrual health management education to support reaching their full academic potential. Young women from the program performed an original song and skit about having your first period at school and the benefits of reusable pads.

Lunapads and Maji Safi Group Menstrual Hygiene Management

MSG continues to bring the conversation about menstruation out into the open, breaking the silence and smashing taboos in the process. Thank you to MSG for their incredible work, and to our customers for helping us make a difference by choosing Lunapads!

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