Is Period Underwear Worth It?
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Is Period Underwear Worth It?

by Aisle Team
Is Period Underwear Worth It?

Period underwear is all the rage right now. Designed to absorb menstrual blood, period underwear prevents leaks and stains without feeling wet or bulky. Sounds awesome, right? But does period underwear live up to the hype? How does period underwear even work?! 

I’ve been using period underwear for the past 5+ years. I wear it alone — no pads, no tampons, and no cups. Nothing but my trusty period underwear. And no, they've never leaked!

As a veteran period underwear user, I can assure you that period underwear is 100% worth it. I’m here to get real about period underwear and answer all your frequently asked questions with the truth from my own lived experience. 

Is All Period Underwear Created Equal?

Not at all! Period underwear quality varies tremendously depending on the brand.  I prefer Aisle because Aisle was one of the very first companies in the world to bring modern reusable period products to the masses. Aisle has been certified B Corporation since 2012 and remains the #1 ranked period care B corp in the world. Our Aisle period underwear is third-party tested and free from PFAS and other harmful chemicals. While they may be a higher price point, they’re worth the investment in a high-quality, long-lasting product.

How Does Aisle Period Underwear Work?

Our reusable, machine-washable period underwear is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use disposable products like menstrual pads or tampons. They are built with triple-layered fabric designed to manage menstruation. 

The Top Layer - Quick-wicking mesh top layer

Layer one is our special moisture-wicking layer, which means the fabric that draws fluid away from your body so you feel dry. I can tell you, it really works! When I rarely do feel wetness in my period underwear, it just means I’ve worn them for too long and it’s time to change.

The Middle Layer -   Super absorbent Truetex™ core

The middle layer has a superabsorbent core designed to absorb menstrual blood. TLDNR: This is where the blood goes and stays. If this layer didn’t work, I wouldn’t be writing this article. 

The Bottom Layer -  Breathable leak proof membrane

The final layer is a special leak-proof membrane. Think raincoat. This layer traps the wetness and prevents any rogue drops of blood from escaping, ensuring your clothing doesn’t get stained. 

Aisle period underwear is lab-tested and verified by third-party data to meet our high standards for absorbency and leak protection. So we’re period-proven. You can learn more about period underwear by reading our Complete Guide to Period Underwear.

Does period underwear prevent leaks?

The first time I tried period underwear, I was skeptical. I mean, underwear that absorbs your period? How could a fabric do that? I’ve bled through enough pairs of jeans to have doubts. 

I didn’t want to wear period underwear outside — risking public embarrassment — before I knew it worked. So, to test my period underwear, I decided to sleep in it first. To my surprise, I didn’t wake up to stained sheets! In addition to the ingenious absorbent design, period underwear fits snuggly. This close fit means it doesn’t shift around in my sleep like my overnight pads always did and therefore no blood escapes. The period undies earned my trust.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve worn period underwear to the office, to drunken dance parties, and even under slip dresses on dates! The absorbency always worked — even on my heaviest days. Not a single leak to report. 

Is Period Underwear Comfortable?

Let’s bust this myth right now — period underwear is NOT gross! It’s designed by experts to make sure it doesn’t feel wet, doesn’t stink, and doesn’t get heavy. No, period underwear doesn’t feel like a diaper. Period underwear really does feel like everyday underwear. Thin, breathable, and comfortable.

After using period underwear for half a decade, I can’t go back to disposable menstrual pads — too bulky and itchy for me! I also have always disliked the feeling of insertable period products like tampons, menstrual discs, or cups. I’m a firm believer that periods are uncomfortable enough already — I don’t need my period products to be uncomfortable too! 

Period underwear is, by far, the most comfortable menstrual product I’ve ever used. In fact, period underwear is so comfy that I’ve even worn it when I’m not on my period! (Hey! Its moisture-wicking properties are nice on a sweaty summer day!). I can’t say that about any other period product I’ve come across in my life

Is Period Underwear a Good Investment?

Transitioning to period underwear can be a big upfront investment. Period underwear ranges in price from $15-$50 but I’ve found it’s a huge saving in the long run, because I can reuse them. I only own around 5 pairs for my cycle, and I’ve had them for 5 years. They’re still as absorbent as ever. We’ve found that every $ you spend on period underwear now is working towards a $750 saving over five years! My reusable period underwear isn’t just more sustainable for the earth, it’s also more better for my bank account.

Period Underwear is Easy To Use and Easy to Wash

I already put on underwear every day. When I have my period, I just reach for a different pair — my period underwear! There are no other steps in my menstrual routine. There’s no easier way to manage my menstruation. I’m just putting on clothes. 

Period underwear is also more convenient than restocking on single-use disposables. I’ll never deal with the stress of discovering my box of tampons is empty again. No more last-minute runs to the store with a bunch of toilet paper stuffed into my underwear. Knowing I’ll never “run out” of period underwear is such a weight off my shoulders. Bonus points for Aisle’s carry bag, so you can always have a pair on you.

Finally, the care instructions for period underwear are suuuuuper simple. I just pop mine in the washing machine on a cool cycle, hurl ‘em in the dryer on a gentle tumble, and put ‘em in a drawer for next time. It’s the same process as washing my usual undies — no new routine necessary. I’ve always wanted to try a more sustainable menstrual product than disposables, but I found the idea of cleaning menstrual cups super intimidating. Period underwear couldn’t be simpler. 

Period Underwear Is Worth It

I’ll say it again: period underwear is worth it. In my experience, period underwear outperforms every other period product in every other way. Plus, period underwear is also pretty cute. There is no better time to make the switch to period underwear!

Amanda Melhuish (she/they) is a genderfluid writer and comedian based in Brooklyn, NY. As a copywriter, they've worked with brands like OkCupid, One Medical, Fetch Pet Insurance, and more. Their work has been published on Reductress, The Periodical, and more. They also host "Open to Work: An Unemployed Comedy Show" in NYC at Brooklyn Comedy Collective. Follow their work @amandahasbangs on Instagram and TikTok.

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