Press mentions

“Aisle make ‘period products for every body’. They regularly spotlight trans and gender-nonconforming models and sell boxer-brief period underwear.”

"The Aisle Boost Boxer is ridiculously comfortable, so much so that many testers confess to wearing their pair even when not on their periods. These boxer briefs are also extremely absorbent"

“Touted as Aisle's most popular style, the Hipster holds up to four tampons worth of liquid, and can be worn without a tampon or pad.”

“With a commitment to transparency, sustainability & inclusivity at the forefront of the brand, Aisle is a certified B Corp building better periods for all.”

“Self-reporting sustainability metrics & progress is tricky business for brands. Aisle, which sells reusable menstrual-care products, has built a reporting system other brands can learn from.”

“Taking feedback from actual plus-size people into account feels like a genuine, crucial step in creating something people with all body types will actually want to wear.”

“Aisle offers environmentally friendly & ethically made cloth pads that usually last at least 3-5 years, which could potentially replace hundreds of pads & tampons.”

“Our product delivers to you, you can shop for it online, and it lasts for years.”

“In contrast to single-use items, the waste factor drops by 99 percent. By opting for Aisle’s underwear, energy use & greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by up to 50 percent.”

“Aisle is a feminist business, has been since inception — principles of environmental and social sustainability, inclusion, and of intersectionality are infused into the brand.”

"Replacing over 238 disposable pads across its lifetime, the Maxi Pad from Aisle is our top choice."