5 Reasons Why Cloth Pads & Period Underwear Won't Work for Swimming
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5 Reasons Why Cloth Pads & Period Underwear Won't Work for Swimming

by Christa T.
5 Reasons Why Cloth Pads & Period Underwear Won't Work for Swimming
Starting in the Spring time, we here at Lunapads HQ start getting daily phone calls, emails and live chats from customers desperate to find products to wear during their periods, that will work for swimming. Many of them come to us via an old link from a different site that says Lunapads are a good choice for swimming while menstruating. Unfortunately, that information is incorrect. Here are five reasons why cloth pads and period underwear don't work for swimming.

1. Water is Wet. Cloth is Porous.
When water meets cloth, cloth sucks up water.

The Thirst is Real
It's science!

2. Waterproof fabrics exist, but they look weird, don't breathe and feel yucky.

Waterproof Fabrics Feel Yucky 

It's like wearing a disposable pad over your WHOLE BODY.

3. Even if you were willing to coat your body in vinyl for the next cool kids beach party, there would still be seams into which water would seep.


A dry suit made for diving is your best bet for seamless waterproof period swimming!

4. "Yeah, okay, fine! So leak-proof swim bottoms for your period aren't a thing; but what about wearing a pad with your regular bathing suit instead?"

One word: WINGS. That's how cloth pads attach to your bottoms...and they show.

5. Also, remember - cloth is absorbent and porous. So even if it did a so-so job of stopping menstrual flow from getting onto your swimsuit, can you imagine climbing out of the pool with a sopping pad between your legs?

Cute-Baby-Kangaroo-Wearing-A-Diaper is not a look just ANYONE can pull off.

So what do the experts at Lunapads suggest for swimming fun times this summer?

If internally worn products work for you, you gotta try the amazingness that is The DivaCup. This soft, flexible, medical-grade silicone cup is easy to use, holds up to a full fluid ounce, can be worn for up to 12 hours a time without needing to be emptied or cleaned, lasts for years, and best of all, keeps you and your cutest swimsuit having fun in the water all summer long. 

You might not be doing laps or synchronized swimming, but you'll still be winning at beach blanket bingo!

Never let your period get in the way of your summer good times!

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Support of Menstrual Equity Through Greater Transparency.

Support of Menstrual Equity Through Greater Transparency.