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Aisle for Teen Periods

by Jane H.
Aisle for Teen Periods

Do you have an awesome, sustainably-minded young person in your life who would like to try Aisle? Are you confused as to which products would be best for them to pick out? Don’t worry - we’re here to help! Here’s a summary of some of our most frequently asked questions about Aisle for Gen Z menstruators - and how we can help set them up for a lifetime of waste-free periods.

What should I get them?

Now, we’re going to proffer a piece of advice. We truly recommend that you spend some time together on the site and pick out products together. Period products are deeply personal and the best way to ensure the fit and functionality works is for you to poke through the site yourselves and reach out to our awesome customer support team if you have any questions. We’re going to offer some ideas here, but please recognize that your perfect solution may look different than what we suggest. Just because we recommend it here doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution for you!

And with that out of the way - on to our suggestions!

Suggestion 1: A Period Underwear Sampler

A formula showing 2 Hipsters + 1 Boxer

If you’d like to dip your toe into the period underwear life, we recommend surfing over to our Build A Set page and using our kit builder to grab a pair of our full-coverage Boxers and two pairs of our super-popular Hipster undies. The Boxer is great for stress-free period sleep and the hipster provides a super comfortable, flattering fit with four tampons’ worth of absorbency per use. Both of these styles are now available in XXS! The Aisle Set Builder automagically will apply a lil discount as well for your custom bundle. 

A formula showing 2 Boxers + 2 Hipsters + 1 Bikini or 1 Brief

If you’re ready to commit to that period underwear life, you can add more to your order (and save more too).  The first thing we’d add to our cart is another pair of Boxers, and then add some Bikini and Briefs as you fancy.

Suggestion 2: Super-Sustainable Stash

A formula showing 5 pads + 2 liners

Do you want to have the most sustainable period ever? Then we invite you to embrace cloth pads as a period go-to. Our pads are not only cute and durable, they tread very lightly on our planet, making the most impact in terms of waste diverted, greenhouse gases avoided and energy saved (check out the sustainability ticker on every Aisle product for details). 

For your pad kit, decide if you’d prefer a mini or maxi pad (the easiest way to tell is to pick the one closest to your current pad). If you’re still not sure, mini pads are usually better for smaller folks (say wearing a size 10 or below) and maxis are better for folks wearing a size 10 or up. Visit the trusty Aisle Build A Set page and add five of either mini or maxi to the cart, plus two liners for light days. Be sure to add a carry bag to your cart and you’re all done!

Suggestion 3: Heavy Flow Help

A Formula showing 1 Boxer + 1 Hipster + 1 Brief and a menstrual cup

Is the phrase surfing the crimson wave a personal maxim? Aisle makes many products suitable for heavy flow, and pretty much every product can work for heavy flow folks. Aisle pads are super-absorbent, and our Super pad provides superior overnight protection. We also sell additional boosters for undies, to allow you to adjust absorbency on the go with a minimum of fuss.

If your teen is using tampons or is open to internal products, our best heavy flow solution is the Aisle cup. It’s soft and comfortable, and can easily hold 30 mLs (or one ounce) of blood. Paired with some Aisle undies, you’ll be comfortable and protected (as a person who has heavy flow herself, this is what I personally use, and it has never failed me).

So, again, back to our Build A Set page and pick out three pairs of undies (I’d go with a Boxer for sleeping, plus a Brief and a Hipster) and add a Size A Aisle cup to the cart.

Here’s three suggestions to set up your teen for any period safely and sustainably. Of course, your perfect solution is one personalized to you - that’s why Aisle is focused on providing the best reusables out there. Don’t ever hesitate to email us any questions - we’re here to help, nothing is TMI and we love to hear from you!

And if your teen would like to know more about periods, cycle tracking, fighting menstrual stigma, and more, we've put together the Aisle Youth Period GuideClick here to sign up for our email list (no spam, and you can leave at any time, promise!) and download it. 

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

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