Halloween at Home
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Halloween at Home

by Ariane Bell Vila
Halloween at Home

Alright, so by this point we’ve all heard and memorised the line “Halloween is going to look a little different this year”, which, though annoying, is absolutely true. However, that doesn’t mean that spooky season is cancelled! 

Here are some ways to get into the Halloween spirit from the safety of your home:

Get crafty!

Check out these adorable (free!) print-at-home kits from Low Poly Crafts

These ghosts are so cute that they can be your companions year-round, tbh. Imagine how cute they’d look with a little winter hat on! If you’re not into ghosts, they also have bats, a gargoyle, and pumpkins.

Tampons also make great little ghosts, in case you’ve got some old ones lying around from when you made the switch to reusables and have been wondering what to do with them! 

Get Social

Have a Halloween party with your friends online! You can challenge each other to put together a last minute Halloween costume with just the items you’ve got lying around the house.

Or, if you’re tired of just chatting on zoom calls, you can always stream some spooky movies together. Here’s a collection of movies that pass the Bechdel test.

If you’re interested in a little bit of gaming, lots of games have special Halloween events happening! Remember the early days of the pandemic when everyone who had a switch was playing Animal Crossing? They’ve got some things planned for Halloween! It might be worth checking out your island this week. 

You can also get your friends together for a game of Among Us which can be played on your phone (and is free to download)! This game is so popular that even AOC is playing it. Completing tasks on a spaceship may not be directly tied into Halloween, but being an imposter and slowly taking out your friends one by one certainly fits the overall vibe.

Or don’t

Why not have a private Halloween party? There are lots of recipes out there for cute Halloween themed treats. Curling up with some cute cookies, some hot chocolate, and a horror novel or a true-crime podcast sounds like a pretty cozy Halloween to us! 

Alternatively, why not do a tarot pull or get one done for you? You can light some candles and do a little journaling or self-reflection on the card(s) you pulled and it might just feel a little bit like you’re casting a spell.

Take a peek outside

It’s a full moon this Halloween, and not only that, it’s also what’s known as a Blue Moon! Why not take a moment to get a good look at the moon this Halloween? (Psst, did you hear NASA found evidence of water up there?)

If the sky ends up being overcast where you live, are there any little once-in-a-blue-moon treats you could indulge in this Halloween?

Or, you can just skip it all

Is Halloween not your thing? Totally cool! Then why not take a moment to enjoy the fact that you basically don’t have to celebrate it at all this year! And since it falls on a Saturday, it might be a good opportunity to check in with yourself and your space. Are there any decorations you can put up to make your home feel extra cozy for the upcoming winter? (You’ve already seen all the Christmas decorations popping up on social media and in the seasonal aisle of the grocery store, I assume).

However you choose to celebrate, we hope you have a safe and spooky Halloween!

Photo by Łukasz Nieścioruk on Unsplash

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