How Reusables Solve Your Period Problems
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How Reusables Solve Your Period Problems

by Jane H.
How Reusables Solve Your Period Problems

Okay, okay - you get it. With 20 billion pads and tampons going to landfill every year, getting your period to go zero waste is an easy way to make a big impact. That said - we hear you. Your period products need to work - and ideally, make your period just that little bit better. Here are some of our favourite solutions for everyday period problems - 100% effective, 100% planet-friendly.

Heavy Flow





Are you surfing the crimson wave? Dealing with a period that is super extra can be time consuming, expensive and anxiety-inducing. Surely your flow would overwhelm any disposable?

Not so. You've got options! If you're okay looking at an internal product, we love a cup for managing the heaviest of flows. Most hold nearly a full ounce, and yes, you can change it in a public bathroom (just empty into the toilet, wipe off with TP and re-insert - you'll be fiiiine). 

If you're sure a cup isn't for you, pick up our Heavy Flow kit. It's lab-tested to handle any period. 

All The Feels




Feeling good, then bad, then angry, then sad? Hormones can play havoc with your feelings, and sometimes, that's just the excuse you need to cuddle up with some snacks and Netflix. Turn off your phone - it will help, we promise. 

For peak downtime vibes, we recommend picking up a pair of our MAIA Briefs, for ultra granny comfort. Remember, self care is the best care. 

Spotting and Irregularity




Sometimes you just can't quit your period. Managing light flow and dealing with occasional random spotting can be a pain in the tuchus. Our Performa liner is soft, thin and leakproof, making it feel like you're wearing regular underwear, instead of a sticky plastic liner.

They fold up super-small, and you can grab our stack'n'save discount so you'll have one for your bag, your office, your gym bag, your travel set...wherever you need.

Getting The Rest You Deserve




When you've got your period, a giant deadline, some hormonal zits and some serious bloating, you need your sleep. However, you've got to have a period product that can go the distance (yes, we have the perfect reusable for the situation). 

Our Boxer Brief features a leakproof lining all the way up to the back waistband, perfect for flow that refuses to stay put. If your flow is heavier, add the insert to increase absorbency overnight.

No matter your flow, there is a reusable for you. Our products have over twenty years of experience behind them - we're period experts. 

Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have! 


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