In Praise of the Booster
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In Praise of the Booster

by Ariane Bell Vila
In Praise of the Booster

Booster, oh booster, what are you for?

Did you open your Aisle order and find that your undies came with a little extra piece of fabric? This is the almighty booster! It might look like just a thin piece of fabric, but it’s really high-tech & powerful!

It’s a blend of hydrophobic (wicks moisture away from you) and hydrophilic (absorbent) fibers, creating a bit of tech that keeps you dry and feeling fly. Unlike the undies themselves, they are not leakproof, and are merely designed to be a low-bulk way to add absorbency. All of our products outperform disposables; however, keeping absorbency adjustable helps us help you meet your menstrual needs with the product you prefer.

Our undies absorb 2 tampons’ worth of fluid on their own, but if you need a little extra you can add the optional booster for an extra 2 tampons worth. Just tuck the ends into the slits at either end of the gusset, like this:


Two tampons is already a lot, why would I need a booster?

Using a booster is totally optional, but here are some reasons you might want to use one:

Today is a heavy day. 

Having the full four tampons' worth of absorbency may be something you need on your heaviest days, depending on flow. If you’ve got a super heavy flow and know you’re going to need more than four tampons’ worth of absorbency in a day, picking up some extra boosters and swapping them out as the day goes on is an easy and inexpensive way to top up without having to change undies.

You want that fresh undies feeling.

If you want to wear one pair of undies all day and are experiencing a moderate flow, a booster allows you to get that fresh undies feeling without having to change! Just swap out a used booster for a spare (or even just remove it), and you’re good to go. You can put the old booster in a carry bag, or a toiletries bag.

Even if you’re not having a heavy flow day, it can be nice to change it up when going to the bathroom. (Especially if you spent too long scrolling through insta on your phone & the blood in your undies feels a little colder than you’d like!)

To rest easy.

Our undies are super comfy for sleeping (especially the boxer, highly recommend!) If you want to feel doubly sure that your undies can handle the night shift, equipping them with a booster to get a full four tampons’ worth of absorbency is a good way to do it! 

How do I wash them?

The same way as our other fabric products! Rinse it out when you get the chance, then put it through your regular wash/dry cycle (as with other fabrics, wash with like colours).

Overall, the booster is an inexpensive way to add some extra absorbency & help you feel fresh as you go about your day.

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