Everything You Need To Know About Aisle Undies
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Everything You Need To Know About Aisle Undies

by Jane H.
Everything You Need To Know About Aisle Undies

Aisle has been in the period underwear gig for a long time - since 1993! Our styles and designs have gone through a lot of iterations and experimentation since our first designs. The new Aisle underwear represents a lot of significant change from our previous offerings (known as Luna Undies), and we’re taking the opportunity to break it down for you. Here are some frequently asked questions about Aisle undies - and all the answers.

How do period underwear work?

Aisle Boxer Brief

Aisle undies are a complete replacement for pads, tampons and cups. On their own, a pair of Aisle underwear will absorb four to eight tampons’ worth of blood, and the accompanying booster adds an additional two tampons’ worth of absorbency. You can change the booster throughout the day to manage heavy flow or elect to not use it at all. The undies work well to back up a cup, if you’re a first time user or experiencing heavy, heavy flow.

What are period underwear made out of?

The underwear are made out of organic cotton and TENCEL™, with recycled polyester and TPU in the gusset. Organic cotton adds structure and stability to the garment, helping keep the gusset in the right place, and TENCEL™ adds softness and wicking capability that should keep the wearer cooler. TENCEL™ is more absorbent than cotton to boot. TENCEL™ is a man-made cellulosic fibre,with similar qualities to cotton, and is made with wood pulp in a proprietary process by Austrian textile manufacturer Lenzing AG. This ultra-sustainable process is the gold standard in eco-friendly manufacturing.

Why are they not 100% organic cotton?

Organic cotton has a lot of benefits, but some significant drawbacks for the user and for the planet. All cotton production is extremely water-intensive, and the overall amount of organic cotton available worldwide is extremely limited. Cotton also did not provide all of the performance features we were looking for. In particular,  the organic cotton fleece that was our primary gusset material was absorbent but could feel wet and uncomfortable. We still use organic cotton, but we’ve paired it with other sustainable fibres to achieve better results for both the user and the planet.

What’s Truetex?

Truetex is a new, proprietary blend of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres. The fibre combination provides both wicking and absorbent properties to ensure performance without the need for added chemical finishes. Truetex is the technology behind our high-performance, high-comfort gusset and booster, and it truly outperforms disposables. 

Plus size period underwear

Aisle Hipster

We launched with an extended plus size range - up to 5X. Aisle decided on a completely new way of doing plus sizes. Instead of scaling our sizing up from a straight-sized sample size, we started with a 1X sample and graded our sizing appropriately. After multiple fittings and working with fit experts, we believe this approach will provide a superior fit for our plus sized customers and improve many of the fit issues that were part of the Luna Undies line. 

As a small business, we have often had to make the financial decision to roll out plus sizes gradually, primarily to ensure we get the plus sizing right. Too often, brands will add plus sizes to their collection that don't truly fit plus bodies. At Aisle, we will only launch products that we feel proud about and meets our 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

It is worth noting that our brief is now a true high rise; this is a big design change. For comparison, the hipster in the plus range has a similar fit to our old Luna Undies brief - if you loved the briefs, give the Aisle hipster a try, and if you want that true high rise feel, the Aisle briefs will be available later this year We are also proud to be bringing our bikini cut to plus sizing, something that was not available under the old Luna Undies line.

How to choose the best period underwear for you

We’re thrilled with our new undies, but the journey doesn’t stop here. We want to make reusables that make periods better, and we always want to hear your feedback and ideas. Reusables should outperform disposables, and your body should fit in our products. We’re thrilled to introduce you to the best place on the planet to have a period - a period aisle built for you.

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