Real Talk About Bladder Leaks
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Real Talk About Bladder Leaks

by Jane H.
Real Talk About Bladder Leaks

Bladder leaks are one of the most taboo topics on the planet, yet approximately 45% of uterus-havers will eventually experience some kind of bladder leakage. A common myth is that incontinence is an inevitable side effect of age, but studies have shown that 10% of those under 30 experience incontinence. So if you’re leaking a little pee every time you cough, sneeze or jump, you’re definitely not alone.

Why You're Feeling A Little Leaky

There are four major types of incontinence; take a peek to see if any of these resonate with your experience.

Stress incontinence is any kind of little leak that happens when you cough, sneeze or jump on a passing trampoline. It can be caused by childbirth, high impact exercise or aging. It’s a result of the bladder muscles being stretched and damaged.

Urge incontinence is also called overactive bladder, and is more of a timing issue. You experience an urgent need to go - and then you pee, whether you want to or not.

Overflow incontinence occurs when you can’t completely void your bladder; urine may leak even after going to the bathroom. It can be caused by a bladder that is too full or muscles that are too weak to properly expel all urine.

Functional incontinence is caused by medications or health challenges making it difficult or impossible to go to the bathroom. You may also hear of mixed or blended incontinence, when there are multiple factors making it hard to hold your water.

A Leak Free Life

What to do if you’re experiencing some leaks? Luckily, there are a few simple steps to get things ship-shape. Incontinence is a very treatable condition, so don’t let embarrassment stop you from getting help. Here’s our top three tips to get you leak-free.

Get Squeezy

Yes, we mean Kegels. If you need an introduction or to inject some variety into the Kegel life, take advantage of the many free apps to There are apps to help you out and keep you on target; you can also consider a Kegel trainer like the well-reviewed Elvie.

Get Backup

We’re broken records about this, but Aisle Pads are our top pick for bladder leaks, with a super-absorbent core and patented wicking top layer that deals with moisture swiftly. They're also leakproof and super-soft. If you’ve got just a few drops, a Liner should do the trick. For a more substantial leak, a Mini or Maxi, depending on your size, can be just the ticket.

Get Help

Go to your doctor and get them to check for anything that could be causing you to leak. After that, ask for a referral to a pelvic floor therapist. They’re experts at getting your muscles working for you, as opposed to against you! Don’t hesitate to look them up.

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