The Big Reveal
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The Big Reveal

by Morgan MW
The Big Reveal

Lunapads is now Aisle.

After 27 years in business, we wanted to build something new, for everyone who menstruates.

A new period aisle, where the products are not only effective, but actually comfortable. Where shame is shown the door, and sustainability is non-negotiable.

Every material in our products has been carefully sourced to provide you with outstanding performance while still taking good care of our planet. 

Here's what's changed:

Our line of underwear has been redesigned to create a product that blends sustainability with advanced fabric technology. Our new undies are softer, fit better and absorb more.

We've expanded our size range to 5X in two of our styles to start, with a complete size expansion in all underwear styles to be completed later this year. We’ve worked hard with a leading plus-size fit expert to ensure that our undies fit great the first time and we’re so excited to bring them to market. 

We've updated our pads and liners with some fun, gender-neutral prints, but have kept the same high-performance, super absorbent materials, and thoughtful construction - previously known as Performa pads. 

We're introducing a medical grade silicone menstrual cup to round out our product range, making us a one-stop period shop. Watch out for our cup launch later this month!

What's staying the same:

💪 Our values - Our commitment to transparency, sustainability and product safety.

👋 Our team - It's still us! 

💯 Our attitude - We’re still 100% committed to kicking the patriarchy out of your period and making products for all bodies

We decided to make this change because we knew, despite our success with Lunapads, that we could build something even bigger and better if we were able to make brave decisions. We’re so thrilled to invite you on this journey with us!

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