Dignity Projects

Access to reliable menstrual products is a health and safety issue that affects millions of people with periods globally.

Aisle has helped supply hundreds of thousands of reusable pads and period underwear to more than 17,000 menstruating people in 18 different nations. Since 2000, we've mentored and assisted the start-up of several organizations - including AFRIpads, Days for Girls International, and Girl Stuff Period - providing product development advice, patterns, and financial support.


In 2008, Lunapads mentored the start-up of Uganda-based social enterprise AFRIpads. Four years later, we built a partnership program together, to support menstrual & reproductive health, access to education, and local employment in Uganda. In 2016 we collaborated with AFRIpads to develop a graphic novel-style booklet called “Girl Talk” which provides puberty education to AFRIpads users. Girl Talk has since been translated into multiple languages, and updated for a Muslim cultural context.

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Period Promise

According to Plan Canada, ⅓ of young Canadian menstruators has struggled to find sufficient period products to go to school.

We’ve been a leading corporate donor to the United Way’s Period Promise campaign, donating our products to support folks in transition shelters and supportive housing. We also have been at work advocating for access across Canada for period products to be freely available in schools and shelters.

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The Period Purse

The Period Purse is a Toronto-based registered charity that creates menstrual equity by ensuring sustainable access to period products for all, and by ending the stigma associated with periods through education and advocacy.

Aisle contributes financially to support their educational initiatives, as well as donating reusable menstrual products to support their outreach to indigenous communities and marginalized individuals.

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Moon Time Connections

In 2024 we pledged 1% of online sales to indigenous-led Moon Time Connections. This partnership supports menstrual product distributions to northern indigenous communities across Canada, as well as facilitator training and online and written resources.

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