10 Reasons to Love Our Boxer Brief
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10 Reasons to Love Our Boxer Brief

by Aisle Team
10 Reasons to Love Our Boxer Brief

We’re counting down the days to the restock of our period underwear, in particular our fan favourite Boxer Brief 🎉 

While we wait, we thought we’d take a moment to list some of the top reasons our boxers are so well-loved, and what they’re particularly great for.

They’re perfect for sleep 😴

The Boxer Brief is our top pick for sleep because of the extra-long gusset, which goes most of the way up to the waistband in both the front and back. They’re also super absorbent, holding two tampons’ worth of fluid in the gusset, and another two in the booster, so you won’t need to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to change. The longer length of the legs means they work quite well as shorts, too, so you can skip the extra bottom layer on warmer nights.

Super comfortable for long hours of sitting

A white model sits in a chair wearing a pair of Aisle Boxer Brief period underwear, an orange shirt, and a red coat.

Have we mentioned how comfortable these are yet? (Even the folks at Wirecutter agree!) The dreamy blend of organic cotton and Tencel™ makes for a soft and buttery fabric that feels so nice against your skin. These period undies are perfect for long hours of sitting while studying or working, or just binging your favourite shows at home. The booster is also easy to swap in and out if you need a refresh during the day. The fabric in the gusset is wicking, absorbent and breathable, so that you can feel dry and comfortable, no matter what you spend your day doing.

Designed for action

The stretchy fabric of our boxer brief is great for movement, which means that they’re ideal for an at-home yoga session. Side note: yoga can be really helpful for dealing with period cramps, by the way - nothing hits quite like relaxing into a Child’s Pose on a heavy flow day. 

Made for busy bodies

The two tampons’ worth of absorbency in the gusset plus two tampons’ worth of absorbency from the booster means that these period undies will be right there with you - whether you’re running errands, chasing after kids, walking the dog, or just meeting a friend for a long-overdue catch-up session.

A perfect camping companion

Going camping and want to make it eco-friendly? Period underwear is a great option, either alone or as a backup to a menstrual cup! Just make sure to bring along a waterproof bag to carry your used products so that you can keep all your other clothes clean and dry, and then pop everything in the wash when you get home.

Be kind to mother earth with less waste

Tampons and disposable menstrual pads can take upwards of 500 years to decompose, and it’s estimated that a single person will use roughly 11,000 products in their lifetime — that's a lot! But what choice do we have?

Every Aisle Boxer Brief replaces 81 disposable menstrual pads, which keeps 810 grams of waste out of landfills. Green Story helped us dig into the eco impact even further, finding that every boxer worn (instead of single-use pads or tampons) adds up to the equivalent of 4.8km of driving emissions avoided and 104.3 days of LED energy saved. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your period care routine more sustainable, our boxers are a great place to start!

Curious about how we got these numbers? Check out Why this Period-Care Brand is Offering a “Cradle to Grave” Analysis in Vogue Business. 

Sustainable Fabrics Only

 A close up image of a pair of Aisle Boxer Brief period underwear. The Aisle logo is visible on the waistband.

Our underwear isn’t just sustainable because it’s reusable. It’s also made of high-quality, high-performing, eco-friendly materials. The body of our period underwear is made with organic cotton and Tencel™. The undies also have a layered leak-proof panel in the gusset, which features Truetex™ fabric technology in the absorbent core. This proprietary blend of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres allow the undies to do what they do best without any added chemical finishes. To learn more about the materials we use, take a peek at Our Tech.

Sizes that are made to fit every shape

At Aisle, we believe that in order for clothing to truly be sustainable, it has to fit. After all, you can't wear an item of clothing if your measurements don’t even show up on the size chart — and if it doesn’t fit well and feel comfortable, it’s more likely to end up in the landfill ahead of its time. We’re proud to carry period underwear styles that range from XXS to a true 5X. To read more about our fit and sizing process, check out Allure’s The Only Plus-Size Period Underwear I Actually Enjoy Wearing.

Support gender inclusivity

We designed this particular style of period underwear with trans masculine and nonbinary menstruators in mind, which means they look and feel like a pair of your everyday boxer briefs. There’s a big difference between claiming to be gender-inclusive and actually just doing it, and we are proud of the work we’ve done to make sure our boxers fit the bill. 

Great for young menstruators

With an extended size range (XXS-5X) and extra coverage, this style of period underwear is also one of our top picks for teen menstruators. They’re super comfortable and come in a variety of bold colours, which means that your kid can feel safe and secure on their period while also expressing their style and feeling affirmed in who they are! No period shame here, thanks.

Get excited!

A Black model, sits in a pair of green Aisle Boxer Brief period underwear. They're wearing a yellow bra and laughing while leaning back on a block.

Our boxers will be restocked soon and we’ve got all-new colours landing as well!

Be sure you’re the first to know when they drop by signing up for restock notifications on our website. head over to our Boxer Brief page now, select a size that’s out of stock, and click “Notify me when available” to sign up.

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A white model with short brown hair is standing, reaching up to the sky with a smile on their face while wearing a pair of Aisle Boxer Brief period underwear and a white shirt.

10 Reasons to Love Our Boxer Brief