5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Lunapads
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5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Lunapads

by Guest Blogger
5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Lunapads

As a former New Yorker, I hustled uptown, downtown and across midtown through endless nights of work, fun and (little) sleep. I recently returned to Vancouver and discovered Lunapads through a good friend of mine. Menstrual products for a cause? Yes please! When I heard about their One4Her collaboration with AFRIpads, I couldn’t wait to learn more about their products. Here are the top five reasons why busy city folks should give Lunapads a try.

The biggest lesson my mother taught me is that health comes first. We can all agree that - at the core of it all - we do our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Juicing, gym memberships and kale, we do whatever it takes to keep our minds and body balanced during grueling work days and through project after project. Therefore it may come as a surprise to you, as it was for me, to learn that disposable pads actually contain harmful chemicals and synthetic material. Manufacturers are not even required to list the ingredients of the pads on their packaging! Continue contributing to your own health by controlling what you put in and around your body.

City Life is expensive. Rent, food, and everyday goods take a toll on our wallets. There is no disputing that Lunapads help us save money. With proper care, Lunapads products will last 5 years. Imagine not having buy pads for 5 years?? I’m sold.

Facts are facts. Plastic is straight up UNcomfortable, especially when you’re running around the concrete jungle in suits and achy stilettos all day. Really, the last thing we want to be doing is wear irritating plastic pads during our 10 to 15 hour work days. Lunapads are made out of soft cotton and fleece which is easy and pleasant to wear. I may even promise they are so comfy, you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

A lot of city folks I know push paper all day, and most of us see an incredible amount of waste at the office. As such, in our personal time, we try to do as much as we can to “make up” for this and be sustainable in our own ways. Whether that’s recycling, opting for e-statements or shopping at vintage stores, we are dedicated to making this earth a more sustainable place for future generations. The average menstruator will throw away 16,800 pads in their lifetime. By using Lunapads instead of disposable pads, that’s one extra step we can do to help the environment!

Let’s face it; sometimes we just forget our periods are coming and by the time we realize we didn’t pick up that box of pads from the drugstore, sigh - it’s too late. During busy times at work, sometimes we don’t even have time to jump out and purchase basic essentials. Having Lunapads on hand definitely make our lives a lot easier. We who hustle, bustle and multi-task all day excel at finding ways to make certain tasks more efficient. Think about it: we can use the time we would have spent running to the drugstore on more value-added activities with friends, family and on passion projects. It’s so comforting to know that Lunapads will always be there for us in our drawer whenever we need them!

I like to think that city folks are open-minded trendsetters. We like to be in the “know” of new products and love trying different things. So on that note, be bold and be sure to check out Lunapads!

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