Reusables for Every Day of Your Period
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Reusables for Every Day of Your Period

by Ariane Bell Vila
Reusables for Every Day of Your Period

With so many types of reusable products out there, it can be tricky to figure out which ones to invest in! Since switching to reusables comes with a bit of a learning curve, one of the best things to do is find a product that suits your current lifestyle.

So let’s break it down and take a look at what kind of products you might use, depending on your flow.

Menstrual CupAisle CupThe menstrual cup is a powerhouse, and if you were looking for just one product to carry you through your entire period, this would be it! The Aisle cup comes in two sizes, holds up to 30ml of fluid, and can be worn for up to 12 hours so you can sleep, swim, stretch & slay all day.

Best for:

  • Moderate - Heavy Flow
  • Physical activities (think swimming, hiking, etc)
  • Overnight

Things to consider:

There’s a bit of a learning curve associated with inserting and removing the cup without making a mess, but there are a lot of great tutorials out there that will help you with that! It’s best to practise insertion/removal around the house so that you feel confident and comfortable with the whole affair before attempting it out in the wild!

Cups are meant to form a seal that prevents leaks, but if you’re worried about leakage of any kind, wearing a liner or period undies as a backup is a great option!

If you’ve got a tilted uterus, a cup might not sit right. You’re not meant to notice it when it’s inserted properly, so if it’s causing you pain or discomfort of any kind, you might have to consider contacting your OB-GYN or trying a different style of cup or menstrual product.

You can totally wear a cup on lighter flow days as well! I just find that I personally don’t like having anything inserted when my flow is really light, I’d rather just use a liner or pair of undies. 

Period Undies
Aisle UndiesOk, so maybe we’re a little biased, but we love our undies. With two tampons’ worth of absorbency in the gusset itself, plus the flexibility of being able to add another two tampons’ worth with the included booster, the undies are just really versatile!

Best for:

  • Light - Heavy Flow
  • Binging shows on netflix, riding your new bike around town, and socially-distanced park hang-outs.
  • Overnight (Specifically, the Boxers!)

Things to consider:

If you have an especially heavy flow, you might want to pick up some extra boosters for your undies! They’re really easy to swap in and out, and doing so will keep you feeling fresh all day without having to change the whole pair of underwear throughout the day. 

The absorbent panel on our boxer cut goes all the way up the front and back of the undies, so they’re great for feeling secure while you sleep!

If you want to transition to only using undies for your period, it can be a pretty big investment up front! You can always try swapping out a couple of days for reusables to start, and then once you figure out what suits you best add more products to your roster later. It’s a big transition! You don’t have to swap over all at once. 

PadsAisle PadsOur pads combine edge-to-edge leak protection with a patented cotton top layer that wicks fluid away from your body, all while feeling like your comfiest pair of cotton undies. They hold up to 4 tampons’ worth of fluid and come in various lengths: Mini (8”), Maxi (10”), and Super (13”).

Best for:

  • Moderate - Heavy Flow
  • Strolls around town, or your 8th Zoom call of the day
  • Easy transition to reusables

Things to consider:

Since our reusable pads are the most similar to their disposable counterparts, these might be the easiest jumping off point for your transition to reusables! They also have a lower price point, so you can try them out without breaking the bank in a big way. (When I made the switch to reusables back in university, I started with reusable pads!)

Since they don’t have any adhesive on the back, it’s good to wear them with a close-fitting pair of undies, to ensure they don’t slide around. If you’re worried about coverage, you might want to consider getting a size up from the length you would normally get.

These work great for bladder leaks as well! And, if you’re looking for an overnight pad option, you definitely can’t go wrong with the Super.

LinersAisle LinersOur liners combine ultra-thin leak protection with a patented, high-performance cotton top layer, so they’re perfect for your lightest days or to have with you just in case. They also come in two lengths!

Best for:

  • Light Flow
  • Back up for a cup or tampon
  • In case of emergencies!

Things to consider:

You’ll need to pair liners with some other form of protection on your heavy flow days! They’re super thin, but that also means that they’re not as absorbent as our other products. 

These are great for small bladder leaks as well as spotting.

Remember:Group shot of models wearing Aisle undies

Your period, your body, your rules!

It’s totally ok if you just can’t get behind using a cup even if your friends rave about how much they love theirs. It’s also all good to take your time and try different options to see what suits your lifestyle best. At the end of the day, you want a product that helps you feel comfortable and confident, no matter your flow. 

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